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Visitor's Centre: Gerfalco (GR)

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Here you'll find... Nature - Hiking trails- Cave tours- Peace - Horse Riding- Environmental Education
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The Protected Area:

The Nature Reserve Cornate e Fosini falls within the township of Montieri, province of Grosseto and the township of Radicondoli, province of Siena. The reserve's territory is characterized by the presence of important elevations: the Cornate (the highest of peaks in the Colline Metallifere or "metal hills" standing at 1,060m), Poggio Mutti and Poggio Ritrovoli.

The collection of protected areas in Grosseto, represented by 7 regional Nature Reserves, indicates a positive move towards conservation and management of green areas of important naturalistic and environmental value.

The Visitor's Centre:

The Visitor's Centre serves as a point of coordination and organization where you will be welcomed by qualified staff who can illustrate the features of the Reserve to you and/or provide you with a guide. At the Visitor's Centre you will find an information point, meeting room, exhibition and environmental education room as well as bathroom facilities.



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Activities within the Nature Reserve Cornate e Fosini is managed by 75 Avventura - authorized Environmental and Equestrian Guides specializing in tours, outdoor activities and events in Tuscany